About company

LEGE is a systems integrator company with vast experience of fulfilling information technology projects. The company creates and develops information technology infrastructures and systems and supplies hardware and software.

The LEGE company is constantly cooperating with world-leading information technology market leaders, hardware and software manufacturers. All this allows us to offer comprehensive solutions combining infrastructural requirements and automated business processes.

LEGE is very particular about creating and commissioning comprehensive geoinformation systems and supplying high-resolution satellite imagery. Our company is a partner of the leading high-resolution and very high-resolution satellite operators.

The company was started in 2006 by people with common goals and soon became a modern structured enterprise. It employs experts in many fields - information systems, satellite imagery, cartography, computer science, etc. It is a team of professionals who have deep knowledge of theory and large experience in information technology, people with university degrees and certificates from leading hardware and software manufacturers.

In 2020 Lege (UK) Ltd became the Distributor of Budget Enterprise 6.2 and Budget Client 6.2 server & fixed license software.